Blondie vs. the Doors – Rapture Riders Jim Morrision and Debbie Harry Mix created by Mark Vidler. Please vis…

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25 Responses to Blondie vs. the Doors – Rapture Riders

  1. elcarlocomix72 says:

    mis respetos hermano… el mejor con la mejor …… buena espero y me dejes compartir con mi jenete..saludos de Ecuador y viva la music RETRO

  2. mrphilpcfl says:

    And so, RAP was born.

  3. BartySlartFast says:

    Furking Brilliant. Love the Doors,Love Blondie! This mashup works SOooo well.
    Epic. Thanks for posting. 2 thumbs up!

  4. John Endicott says:

    I love it so much I almost hate it.

  5. AnAceism says:

    that smile!!! so much mishcief

  6. Nick Pelkey says:

    Jim, Debbie, Jean Michel…. fantastic. Great tv party vibe.

  7. MrHavok29 says:

    Florida’s finest ! 🙂

  8. Chris Cipollini says:

    This mashup was made well before youtube. THAT is an accomplishment

  9. Yahushua Endtimes says:

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  10. landofhopeanglory says:

    You,ve cracked it with this one mark .spot on blending .

  11. bherb1204 says:

    Weird. They’ve been playing this song at work for like 3 years.

  12. steelydon19 says:

    I’m coming to like “Rapture” after sorta disliking the song. An odd, inspired mashup.

  13. Juan Ortega says:

    nothing special

  14. Michael Bichanich says:

    my butt smells like a burning valentines cards covered in poo poo

  15. zombiesrpussies says:

    im surprised sex even happened in the 80’s

  16. ErikD71 says:

    Rory, its too bad they didnt get to meet eachother.

  17. metalhead99lk says:

    Uncle used to drool over Debbie

  18. steffschmiddy says:

    Beide sehr geil, klasse gemacht. Die Musik kann man immer gut hören. Well done man

  19. Prophet Zarquon says:

    I never liked The Doors – Riders On The Storm very much until I heard Brownsville Station - Man From Mars

  20. Patrick Hawthorne says:

    it was fine until that blonde woman started talking pish

  21. DarkonXBL says:

    I got a hard on when I saw Blondie and finished watching Jim

  22. Kwales66 says:

    Two of my most Favourite Artists – Cool x

  23. stabber63 says:


  24. Palo Kongo says:


  25. sovie Domene says:

    wow, es la ostia¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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