Can One Shorten an Aluminium Screen Door to Fit a Basement Outside Door?

I received an aluminium door from a friend right at the height of summer & would love to install it – problem? the screen door is a little too tall for existing frame. Can you skillsaw the height down w/o damaging the aluminium frame?

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  1. Flying Dragon says:

    If the door is only slightly too big, check to see if there is an adjustible section at the bottom and/or top of the door which can be slid further on and resecured (making it shorter; or remove entirely). Or check to see if you can cut the frame opening slightly higher at the top (not likely).

    If it needs a lot cut off, it gets complicated:

    Most of the aluminum doors I have seen, the main frame of the the door is four pieces cut at 45-angles at the corners with metal inserts at each corner screwed in place to hold everything together. Shortening would require extensive dismantling and the ability to make accurate 45 cuts in the aluminum. Also one of the pannels/window/screen will also need the be cut down to match the shortened frame. All this would get pretty involved, but not impossible, for the well-equipped and ambitious DIY person. However, consider the value of your time. Most of the doors have a hollow extruded aluminum frame with a roughly rectangular cross section; simply cutting off the bottom/top (like on a wood door) removes one of the sides, greatly weakening the structure.

  2. Tecna0905 says:

    i dunno i don’t think so

  3. be_a_lert says:

    It is not possible to shorten an aluminum screen door.

    You can order a custom size aluminum door, but be prepared to pay a premium for it.

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