How to Install Touch Screen Kit Overlay on a LCD Monitor

This video shows how to install touch screen kit overlay on a LCD monitor. For videos on how to install multi-touch overlay kit, please search youtube for “how to install multi-touch overlay kit”.

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25 Responses to How to Install Touch Screen Kit Overlay on a LCD Monitor

  1. darshjr2 says:

    Which series did you use? The T series?

  2. ekaksana says:

    replace the battery in your smoke detector!

  3. jc7997aj says:

    would this work on a lcd tv 40 50 60 inch?

  4. MrOrenets says:

    Touch Screen , It can support MultiTouch or not?

  5. Trunksinflames says:

    is it resistive or capacitative?

  6. Ltts25 says:

    nice expept from the music 🙂

  7. TVSpoilerAlert says:

    yo the site isn’t working. What’s up?

  8. polobluenikos says:

    1. How we know theres enough room on the monitor casing to host the extra thickness of the touch panel ?
    2. what are the chances of finding a 24″ 16:10 panel (in reasonable price) lol

  9. 1337pha1l says:

    I remember the music from Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2 😛

  10. Frankiewizard says:

    Can this run on a linux system ?

  11. Booombucksbunny says:


  12. drewestification says:

    @Frankiewizard: i only just came here and im not the op, but im guessing that Xorg will be able to handle it as a basic pointer.

  13. DonyBueno88 says:

    Very CooL

  14. izanesmithservo says:

    Will this work on a 15′ laptop?

  15. pewster31 says:

    How do i know what series my screen is?

  16. gregorycawthorne says:

    Which range is the touch panel from the video from? R,T or U?

  17. CloudLevi says:

    This + WACOM Cintiq!

  18. kalijasin says:

    fifteen foot ?????? huh??

  19. shuffle243 says:

    Does it work on laptops

  20. czmarek97 says:

    Great 🙂

  21. wilt778 says:

    is there a pen for this?

  22. CrashOverwried says:

    Works on any monitor ? O.o

  23. Waqas Tahir says:

    what is price of this in Pakistan.I want to buy it i like your video please said

  24. pooleskii88 says:

    do they make a 10.5 in waterproof monitor?

  25. TheFilko11 says:

    do you have 10.1 inch touch screen

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