I Don't Know How to Build Out an Entry Door to Install a Storm Door?

Hi – i have a larsen entry door – with lites on the side – the door is flush with the lites – i have been told that in order to install a storm door – the door frame needs to be built out – is there a kit i buy for that – or do i just use wood? – any input would be appreciated

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  1. be_a_lert says:

    You may or may not need to build out part of the door frame to install a storm door when you have sidelites. The storm door mounts to the trim on the outside of the door — commonly brick mould, but you could have flat casing instead.

    The problem with sidelites is that this trim is installed around the perimeter of the door unit, sometimes there isn’t anything exterior trim installed on the mullion jambs (pieces between the door and the sidelite(s)). If there is a trim piece installed on the mullion, it is probably not as thick as the brickmould, so it needs to come off and be replaced by something a bit thicker. Sometimes doors like this are prepped for a storm door when they are hung. If the mullion jambs are flush with the perimeter trim, you don’t need to modify anything.

    The easiest way to deal with this is to get storm door mullion covers. These are pieces of wood that are sized for this application with the corners rounded off a bit for asthetics. This is not exactly a kit, but it is easier than trying to cut pieces from stock wood.

    Another variable in this is the thickness of your walls. If you have standard 2X4 walls, you should be fine with standard pieces. If you have 2X6 walls, the frame will be an additional 2" thicker around the perimeter than at the mullion jambs. You should be able to tell by looking if you need a piece 1" or so thick or if it is more like 3".

    You should be able to get these pieces at any store that sells exterior doors. They might have to order them, but it should be a fairly short lead time. It doesn’t really matter what brand your door is, the pieces should be the same. Measure the height of your door — probably 6’8", but could be taller — and note if you will need one piece or two — one piece per sidelite.

  2. thewrangler_sw says:

    I would suggest that you contact Larson and ask if they have an assembly kit to mount a storm door…. they also make storm doors, you can even have one designed to your specs.
    Here is their link – http://www.larsondoors.com/

    If they do not have a kit readily available, or you choose to use someone else’s storm door…. How that storm door is designed to mount to the jamb will affect how you build it out.
    Most storm doors are designed to be a ‘flush mount’… that is, they have a flat flange, or lip, which you would run screws thru, to mount it to the jamb facing, or ‘brick mould’, etc. Others are made to fit over a lip of plywood. The ‘flush mount’ doors are the easiest to install for first timers.

    You may even be able to get a door that will mount directly to your entry door, without building anything out. The one concern I would have, would be the handles…. if your existing frame has enough room for the handles of both doors, or if one would need to be hinged opposite, or of course, build out the jamb.

    Just a side note… building out the jamb may also require you to extend the threshhold…. wouldnt be very effective to install a storm door, and leave a inch gap at the bottom, hehehe.

    If you can post a pic of your exising entry door and jamb, along with measurements it would be helpful.
    Feel free to email them to me, if you cannot post a link to them, and perhaps I can offer some more specific advice on how to go about this.

    Good Luck

  3. william v says:

    This will depend on how your existing unit is trimmed.
    A larson is going to require a 1" build out from the exterior face of the jamb to operate correctly. Also the build out should be screwed as opposed to nailed, this prevents any sagging problems down the road.
    Email me with more details and I can walk you through the whole install( they can be a pain if you`ve never installed one)

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