Repair and Replace Screens on a Screen Door

A screen door is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home without letting in unwanted pests. But over time screen doors can take a lot of abuse and may eventually rip or get a hole in them. Whether the damage is caused by the daily beating of opening and closing them, children, your pet, or accidentally by a loved one, you should make sure to repair the screen door before flies and other unwanted insects find their way inside.

For small holes and tears in your screen door, you can use something as simple as repair tape. It’s easy to use and all you have to do is cut the right length and press into place, like you would for regular tape on paper. For bigger holes and tears self-stick patches that you can trim to fit anywhere you need.

Is your tear unrepairable? If you need to replace your whole screen it’s a lot easier than it may look. In fact the hardest part is taking the door off the frame. The following steps will help you to replace your screen.

Here are some tools and supplies you will need for the repair:

  • Fiberglass screening
  • Wheel handle screen tool
  • Utility Knife
  • Spline
  • Phillips head & flat head screwdriver

Remove the Screen Door:

  1. Remove the screws that hold the door jamb on the hinge side of the door frame.
  2. Remove the screws from the hinges. There are usually three of them, each containing two to three screws.
  3. If you have a storm door with removable screen inserts, then you don’t have to remove the door, just remove the screen inserts.
  4. Move it to your work area and prepare for the next step. You can either work on your driveway or if you have a large enough table to work on.

Remove the Existing Spline & Old Screen:

  1. Use either a utility knife or small flat head screwdriver to pry and remove the old spline from the frame.
  2. Once the spline is out the old screen will easily come out.

Lay Out New Screen

  1. Roll out the replacement screen down to full length of the screen area and cut it, making sure to have at least a two inch border around the whole screen area.
  2. Cut each corner at a 45 degree angle

Install New Screen & Spline

  1. Roll the screen repair tool, the one that looks like a two sided pizza cutter, in the groove of the top and bottom screen frame so that the screen gets pushed inside the grooves. Work on the top and bottom first, then move on to the left and right sides.
  2. Starting on the top of the longest side first, press the spline about half way into the groove using the screen installation tool. Only press the spline in half way just incase you need to reposition the screen, this will make it much easier to remove the spline.
  3. Make sure to gently pull on the screen in the direction you are rolling the spline to maintain as much tautness as possible.
  4. Repeat the process in the bottom of the frame and then the left and right sides of the frame.
  5. You should see the screen become nice and smooth as you work your way down the side of the frame. If it puckers, the tautness of the screen was changed as you were pressing the spline into place
  6. Once you have the proper smoothness, press the retaining spline fully into place, making sure not to tear or cut the screen when rolling the spline into position.
  7. Using your utility knife, trim the extra spline and screen material.

Reattach Screen Door

  1. Reinstall the screen door onto the door frame.
  2. Admire a job well done, you totally deserve it!


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