Riders on the Storm (Lyrics) – Snoop Dogg FT the Doors

Released in 2004 Album: Need for Speed Underground 2.

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23 Responses to Riders on the Storm (Lyrics) – Snoop Dogg FT the Doors

  1. Maxubachs says:

    NFSU2, with all those weird songs:)

  2. ingrangerdanger says:

    Omg, Snoop Dogg’s ruined this song.  Horrible, horrible.

  3. MrVini311 says:

    dude, this song is really cool! I think they could make another need for speed, like that, but with better graphics and for xbox and play3…cuz that need for speed was the best for me!! thumbs up if was for u!

  4. TheGreatShidax says:

    Correction: At 3:51 it should say, “…we get to it expediciously.” You transcribed it as “We get an expeditiously” Thanks, great job, just wanted to correct that small error.

  5. dolet8 says:


  6. jamaicanu101 says:

    snoop dogg sings the most…lol…..meaning you do the hook but mess up the rest…lol

  7. xXxYAZEED22xXx says:

    I wanna play Underground 2 but my PS2 is dead =(, we wanna remake on Xbox 360 & PS3! please EA. =(

  8. GINGERALER says:

    We did not need another c-rap artist to ruin a classic rock song. Too bad poop dog can’t come up with something more original instead of ghettofying a classic, but isn’t that the way this country’s going. Something classic and beautiful is created and, then in time, it gets ruined by, well…you figure it out.

  9. 3ncoctmebreu says:

    This is desecration, nay this is vile desecration!

  10. Abhinand Vaddi Reddy says:

    lol i like the original better mainly cuz of the blues piano solo but this song has my memories of need for speed embedded in it

  11. MegaDavidRiley says:

    isnt it ‘An actor all alone?

  12. rogue5775 says:

    awww thats a let down but its still cool for u to be honest.

  13. Voldoman123 says:

    Respect from slovakia… Sweet NFS:Undeground 2 😀 😀

  14. MetalMike38 says:

    snoop dog is a queer. disliked.

  15. MetalMike38 says:

    that is true. music is like candy… just throw out all the rappers.

  16. Dante Williams says:


  17. Cryz Luna says:

    Que mierdaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. philip7075 says:

    but this is remix

  19. Korey .atwork says:

    one man show

  20. ahmed kola says:

    really nice music

  21. 8o8inSquares says:

    Hey man, I know it’s late by 2 years xD but I can make an instrumental version for you, PM me if you still need it by a chance

  22. CuidaTu Mode says:

    dante faire stom :Genius:

  23. daniel kesley says:

    video pesado

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