Riders on the Storm – Snoop Dogg Ft. the Doors

I DO NOT own any material in this video. All credit goes to Snoop Dogg, The Doors, and their labels.

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24 Responses to Riders on the Storm – Snoop Dogg Ft. the Doors

  1. rushdrift says:

    need for speed underground 2 to me the best it has dyno, hydraulic, bad ass audio system, neon omg neon, light bulb colour, side mirror omg if only they add roll cage it would be a complete game, hope they remade this game, people dont like legal stuff because legal stuff we do it all the time, that is the point of playing game the illegal stuff that we cant do in real life, that is the point of playing a game.

  2. ElMike458 says:

    And from Spain too. First 2000´s years I will never forget you

  3. Chris Greene says:

    Should be The Doors ft. Snoop Dogg, not the other way ’round…

  4. Mad Punch says:

    all people lol

  5. bigget92 says:

    grande jim grande snoop

  6. keewww says:

    i got the song but not a son

  7. T1N0xCALIKID says:

    lol thanks for the correction xD

  8. Rapficcionado says:

    the best example of the mix between the 60’s rock with the 90’s hip hop for sure =D

  9. Elcapo3543 says:

    like if Need For Speed Underground 2 is the best Need For Speed of tuning cars

  10. SkilletJL says:

    We Want Underground 3

  11. Luiz Otávio says:


  12. Gamerboyz Hadi says:

    ahh good times

  13. NoezItIsMe says:

    Jim Morrison would not approve this. If he don’t want any song in a car commercial, why would he want it in a freakin car game? People these days… no respect at all. Also looking at the fact that Snoop Dogg is a total bitch for making such cheap music. Make up your own song. (:

  14. alberto rus maldonado says:


  15. henriquegardin says:

    I am listening in 2013 dude…

  16. brentyboy1989 says:

    i agree with noez u do need to respect the origanal writer but the song itself is ok

  17. Hadulken9111 says:


  18. angelicabidam says:


  19. Maks Sienkiewicz says:


  20. mychaos79 says:

    2013, still a phat beat ;-)

  21. Jo KeR says:


  22. Hugo Andrés says:

    NFS2 <3

  23. Otávio Madalozzo da Silva says:

    2013 here :D

  24. unknownguy1123 says:

    try also listening it when 2014 ;p

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