Riders on the Storm the Doors Lyrics

rides on the storm by the doors with lyrics If you like dubstep check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTp2CCRwwUs&feature=youtu.be.

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25 Responses to Riders on the Storm the Doors Lyrics

  1. Chainedgypsy EmiMia says:

    what ya mean “This is too Long” just switch off close your eyes and drift… your mind goes somewhere else… its such a beautiful song i feel like i am riding the storm with The Doors, the waves,rain effects, i am in the storm….

  2. thew says:

    too, not to

  3. Alexandre Stanesco says:

    Hey, ils m’ont coupé ces IMPUISSANTS !

  4. RodgerVanSteen says:

    A kid listening to this song…..

  5. RodgerVanSteen says:

    An old person listening to it…….

  6. zeee zeee says:

    super awasome old song !

  7. klaudia stradlin says:

    Amazing <3

  8. MrDv8r says:

    “an actor out on loan”, just saying..

  9. Bilbo Baggins says:

    That was the Snoop Dog remix…

  10. imaginaryvenus5 says:

    come on, who forgets riders on the storm this song leaves an impression.

  11. Emma Frankfourt says:

    the Best!!!

  12. Laurel Faletra says:

    what r u taliking about? What is speed underground 2?

  13. Bill Wiz says:

    doesn’t it make y want to play nfs underground 2

  14. xflames121 says:

    So well written.
    Thank you.

  15. Stu Britton says:

    RIP Ray Manzarek. My dad got me into the doors and this is probably one of my favourite songs

  16. permaveg says:

    First class comment.

  17. sayantan chakraborty says:

    well said man…. song so close to the human inside us…

  18. nicci b says:

    amazing tune! a little disappointed with the comment ‘too long’ in the instrumental, surely!!!!!! 

  19. JeepCreep77 says:

    The last and only time keyboards were cool. R.I.P. Ray. A true visionary, you’ll be missed.

  20. GameHater says:

    Jeez what did you record this off of vinyl?

  21. Thalys Selvat says:

    Walking on the streets while listening to this song  make you a badass

  22. Da Meister says:


  23. Josiah Kravitz says:

    3:41 Not for the 70s 😛

  24. markinhoss henrique says:

    Need For Speed Underground2 song

  25. elcobra98 says:

    I used to hear before NFSU2

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