Screen Door Latch Installing a screen door latch in one my screen door kits. This latch allows you to lock the screen door from the inside to prevent unwanted entry or exit.

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6 Responses to Screen Door Latch

  1. deedee says:

    Where the door shuts there should be like a button that you can flip to unlock. Good luck!

  2. goflyers544 says:

    Oh wow, they're absolutely gorgeous!
    Man, I can't wait until I move into a place with more room so I can nab one of these beauties for myself. :]

  3. kmw198 says:

    Omg natalie ran into the screen door #Dumbass

  4. Charles & Judy C says:

    I've taken a test once like that, but it didn't have anything completely random like that. It mainly asked how I relate to people and stuff like that. Mine was meant to find out my temperament, not if anything was "wrong." They already knew what was going on with me, but I saw a counselor my church paid for and he had me do that test. When I met with my actual psychiatrist, he never had me do any tests like that because, again, he already knew what he was dealing with when I went because I was told to go to him after I got out of the hospital.

  5. Arbri_will12 says:

    yall why gma had da screen door lock??? Dnt nobody want dem!! Lol

  6. The123TKB says:

    I love you.

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