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  1. Wilson F says:

    BMW brakes lights have always been a problem. I wouldn't call them false warnings but sometimes they can warn you of a pending failure. I would pull out the bulbs and carefully inspect them for corrosion. Then I would check them all to make sure they are all of the same type of bulb. (What I mean is that the same bulb can be made of different metals and I've seen that freak out the computer system and cause the bulb warning light on the dash come on. e.g. The one installed in the left is a nickel base bulb and the one on the right is a brass base bulb.) Then there is the bulb socket holder assembly that are common problems on these cars. They are about $35 for the part.

    Good luck.

  2. lukealandrummond says:

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  4. guitarhero2211 says:

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  5. MrFukitt says:

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