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Remedies for keeping flies away?

Any remedies for keeping flies away? I often like to keep the door (non-sliding) to my balcony open. The only thing is there is no screen so I hung up a lace curtain that looks pretty and keeps a lot out of the apt. but when the wind blows the flies can get in and then I cannot get them out.

Are there any remedies that you know of to keep them away? I heard that in Portugal they keep plastic bags filled with water up by windows and doorways to keep them at bay and it supposedly works. Anyone have experience with that?

I am open to most anything. Last year I lived in the same complex and only had cluster flies (they like to cluster and hang out on windows)– they were easy to take care of, I just vacuumed them up with my handheld vacuum and released them outside.

The water is a good idea. Flies are attracted to moisture.
This is sad but true. You know when on TV you see articles on starving people and they show video you see flies all over the people’s faces, mouths and eyes? The flies are attracted to the mouth and eyes because it is the last place with moisture. :((
The only problem with putting the bag of water out is that you should refresh it daily or you will be creating a mosquito labor and delivery room in that bag!
You can also hang a few sprigs of fresh mint at the door or put a large mint plant there. That is what we always kept on the picnic table when I was a kid to keep them away.

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