The Doors Ft. Jim Morrison Riders on the Storm – Cult Classics

Cult Classic Presents – The Doors Jim Morrison Riders on the Storm! Other Cult Classic Presents Video – Seals and Croft Summer Breeze.

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22 Responses to The Doors Ft. Jim Morrison Riders on the Storm – Cult Classics

  1. maluminse1 says:

    Well done. Very well done.

  2. CuddyWoolf says:

    what an amazing video clip!

  3. shakejunt323 says:

    awsome vid man…

  4. Raffaele dgn says:

    un mito o una legenda non potrebbe far dimenticare un mito come gim morrison
    the best and world number one

  5. parkerdonald1 says:


  6. VCVTV says:

    IMHO you don’t really get this song. It’s theme is alienation, loneliness, helplessness in the face of forces far more powerful than oneself. Great footage, interesting edit, but doesn’t really synch with the song.

  7. battlfront71 says:

    Really the doors featuring Jim Morrison he’s was their lead singer

  8. assuntaXO says:

    La amooooo!!!!

  9. nathcab33 says:

    Splendid :)

  10. PantaRhei14 says:

    Very splendid!! :-)

  11. nathcab33 says:


  12. PantaRhei14 says:


  13. 1220sassy says:

    You created an awesome video to an awesome song.

  14. juang0701 says:

    the doors y este canabis k.esta bien bueno kien kiere ?:)

  15. Isaiah Shankar says:

    Only original version available on mobile youtube. Thank you kind sir or madam.

  16. ayojeremy says:

    The beginning of this song gives me so much chills.

  17. Emiliano Ramasso says:

    Grandissimo Jim e grandissimi the doors

  18. Monika Gabriela Wigdel says:

    Love this song & love the Doors. Love the lyrics. Love the music.

  19. jayhunt81 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  20. Pwarriox says:

    wow,, fantastic job on this video!!

  21. harrisplayer says:

    I didn’t know jim had a twin brother, his other brother Jim is the lead singer…….

  22. VaHaNPrO says:


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