The Doors – Riders on the Storm the Circle of Knowledge

Livre Les énergies de la Chance Embarquez vers l’Eldorado !

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21 Responses to The Doors – Riders on the Storm the Circle of Knowledge

  1. Sharon Edmark says:

    Wow i am so sorry – I meant that Jim Morrison is NOW in his OWN HELL!! But who know what? HUH ?

    Grow up from the 70’s ok… There are new artists around to enjoy – Like Lady GAGA
    and so forth?

  2. stpennr says:

    why are you people fighting over a dead man, he is dead.

    nothing is new

  3. MustangLX5point0 says:

    Lady gaga is a frickin Ditz who dresses up in gay costumes

  4. salomon avena says:

    People are Strange escuchan música en el sepulcro, Francia abre la puerta del cementerio, Music in the grave, las amigas de mi hija cantan Roadhouse blues a Jim Morrison, quien viene en compañía Riders on the Storm, Gloria y Angela la música no deja descansar a los muertos, se abren las tumbas, los muertos ya no yacen más en los sepulcros… Ladies and gentlemen 40 años y el sepulcro vomita Rock, música Los Angeles California The Doors.

  5. MicroWorldLover says:

    Nah.  Too creepy, man.

  6. David Tackett says:


  7. RaidenTheAlmighty says:

    I’m not trying to be pedantic, but the alcohol didn’t kill him, it was the alcoholism.

  8. Blainebambambam says:


  9. Iraeta323 says:

    @mojo7crow jim snorted heroin because of that fear of needles

  10. jayob1231 says:

    Man this is just… Far out.

  11. Liliane Valin says:


  12. adygha73 says:

    volk73an liked…

  13. desiree brouwer says:

    huh Jim died the way he wanted

  14. desiree brouwer says:

    are you sure your not on to many as wel

  15. mjconnollyIII says:

    Dude, you will learn some very hard lessons, death itself is a lie. Jim Morrison is not dead, you are!

  16. patriciascoltren says:

    Its wonderful!

  17. deracinated1 says:

    Legal drug of Caesar.

  18. ACornyCrayon says:

    I did enjoy it, thanks for the tip! I ran across that side before, but forgot about it. I’ll be sure to bookmark it now 😉

  19. bucan3ro39 says:

    dondekiera k este siempre sera el rey lagarto

  20. Byron Barsamian says:

    Katia, you must have some unknown to me, psychic connection to our Jim, I met him and he was actually a very reserved and artistic and serious person. Who came out of his shell sometimes when he was high on opium or alcohol. He was actually shy and not sexually demonstrative, okay.

  21. Ryan Knight says:

    Jim was the King,better than Elvis.

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